19 March 2013

No such person

After sending my latest newsletter article to my distribution list, I got the usual half dozen or so "undeliverable" messages. One of them stood out as an example of what such messages should be. Rather than the typical cryptic message:
xl4mhibx02.myunbelievablesite.com rejected your message to the following e-mail addresses:
Joe Blow (joeb@somewhere.com)
xl4mhibx02.myunbelievablesite.com gave this error:
... User unknown
I got this:
Joe is no longer working here at Unbelievable Architects. If you need to reach him, please contact him directly at joe@astoundingarchitects.com (please also update your address book).

For Unbelievable Architects' business, please contact Admin at admin@unbelievablearchitects.com

Thank you.
I know, there may be reasons to not provide that information, but it saved me the effort of checking the member database for a change of address, and, usually, contacting the chapter to find out if they have the same editor or someone new.

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