29 November 2012

Product information "security"

Among the specifier's most common frustrations is the requirement to login before getting product information. Just this morning, I tried to get information about metal panels from a well-known manufacturer's website, and was kicked out. Apparently, I had registered some time in the past, because when I went through the registration process, I was told that my e-mail address already was in use. That forced me to either set up a new account, and risk forgetting yet another password, or to go through the "forgot my password" routine. I chose the latter option, with the intent of using a simple, non-secure password I use for all such websites, something like "password".

I was surprised when an e-mail popped into my inbox almost instantly, as most websites have some delay, and some can take a day or more. Do you think all those requests get sent to some poor soul who has to validate them? The response from this manufacturer did offer bring bit of levity to an otherwise dreary morning of grinding out specs for two projects. The temporary password was - get this - x=H=)Xarq%+z+U. Good grief, that looks good enough to protect nuclear launch codes!