11 February 2013

National Engineers Week, CSI style

The Minneapolis –St. Paul Chapter, CSI, is participating in National Engineer’s Week by hosting a “Teach In” at Robbinsdale Middle School in Robbinsdale, Minnesota.

On February 20, CSI members will enter the 6th grade classroom of Robbinsdale Middle School teacher Todd Norholm to give interactive presentations on basic engineering principles and how they apply to construction. Students will receive instruction and build small structures using gumdrops and toothpicks. When completed, the students will have constructed their own geodesic spheres.

Our goal in supporting National Engineer’s Week is to introduce children to possible careers in engineering and construction. Our hope is that these efforts to bring “teach in” experiences to the classrooms will help to stimulate interest in the construction industry as potential career choices for young students.

Are you willing to help us in the classroom? We need CSI member-helpers to work with the students to build the geo-balls. No experience is necessary! We will provide simple instruction so you can feel confident as a classroom helper. You can work 1 hour, 2 hours, 5 hours, or whatever your schedule allows. For more information, contact Nancy Gulliford at (612) 386-5636.

Annually celebrated in February, National Engineer’s Week was founded in 1951 and has hundreds of engineering societies, professional organizations, corporations, businesses, government agencies, and universities that participate.

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